Monday, 13 January 2014

January 11 2014 - Happiest Day of My Life

Greetings friends and family! What a whirl wind these past few weeks/days have been. To recap everyone about my situation my visa applications we will filled out in the end got rejected early December and with my parents coming over for the holidays I decided to stay on. As of Monday of last week my parents got a 2nd opinion from another Immigration professional and he strongly suggested I leave ASAP so I don't hurt my record about returning. So these past few days I have been sad, anxious about seeing my parents + friends, lonely, scared, angry, annoyed! A lot of emotions have been going through my head plus my stomach! Yes that has meant some sleepless nights - not fun at all! I know Craig will be able to visit me but I am banned from the UK for 12 months (Insane right?). I fly out January 16th back home to find work - save money and maybe take a trip to Dublin or Paris to meet Craig.

On the flip side, as I mentioned on the title of my blog today is also the happiest day of my life when Craig proposed! A few days after Christmas last year Craig and I went shopping in Middlesbrough - and past a few ring shops. He said it wouldn't hurt to look around - well he picked out this ring! I didn't want to try it on (as I just wanted to look) but we did in the end and the woman at the store said it was a perfect fit! Princess cut may I mention to you too :) So he bought it - but didn't propose til Saturday. I didn't want to pressure him into asking me ASAP.

Every day - apart from Sundays I go to our local community gym to workout for an hour. When I got back at 10am I was amazed to find him waiting for me - and I walked into the kitchen to my surprise and this is what I saw:

His tablet says: Will you be mine forever? Ring is intertwined with ribbon

This ring was meant to be for me!

 Well with a few days left I am enjoying every moment with Craig! We will need to start talking about a date - but I hope for us to get married in Minnesota :) preferably in Edina. I guess along with finding a job back home (which I don't think will be too hard) I will be looking at wedding stuff!


  1. Your engagement is totally the gift from the rejection you experienced from the immigration. Now I realized that there’s always a brighter side of every challenge you face. Congratulations! I just hope your immigration application pushes through or has pushed through already. Well with the right people to help you nothing is impossible, right?


  2. Indeed so! Thankfully my parents have already been talking to an immigration specialist over there - I just hope after the wedding it won't take forever.